Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sewing With Kids- The Not Sewing Post

I did find this craft kit on Amazon and had to share. It looked like so much fun I ordered it with birthday money that was given to my 6 year old recently. The day it came both little sisters were sleeping and we ran upstairs, opened it right up and made something.

She was SO excited about it and can't wait to make more things.

The kit comes with everything you need to make 20 crafts. And they are all made from recycled things which my Kindergartner is way into right now. All the crafts seem pretty simple and the directions are in pictures but a tad confusing for a 6 year old so I had to help a bit to find the right pieces for the craft.

Also, the paper that the cupcake in the picture is made from is used in several crafts and if any of you have every used it you know that nothing sticks to it very well. Especially a glue stick trying to hold 2 pieces together to make a box. So we did have to pull out the glue gun for a couple things but she has still had fun making the few crafts we have so far.

All in all I would recommend it for anyone who has a kid who loves to make things!

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