Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boy Fabric

It's not a secret that I love fabric and I am guessing that almost if not all of you who read this blog love it too. I have been hanging onto some cute boy fabric for awhile hoping I would someday get to use it. These have traveled across country with me. You would think I would know by now what I wanted to do with them since I have had them for so long but I have no clue.

This was clearance at JoAnn's. Home Dec weight. Couldn't pass up.

This was at some random tiny fabric store. Also home dec weight. So in love with it. I have almost cut into it a couple times but decided not to. 

And my good friend found this oil cloth for me knowing I would LOVE it! I have one idea for it but will have some left over. 

So do you have any ideas on what I could make with it? Please share!

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