Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crib Sheet

I found some houndstooth fabric the other day and knew it would make a nice crib sheet for the new boy nursery. My husband asked why everything had to be houndstooth. OK, so maybe I should slow it down a bit, but the boy has no houndstooth so it'll look alright, right?

So here are my awesome night shots of my new crib sheet.

 I used the crib sheet tutorial from Made found here
The tutorial was easy to understand but what she doesn't mention is that her pattern calls for fabric that is 45" wide. Mine wasn't but she also doesn't mention that is doesn't matter. I made it anyway and it fit just fine. It was short by a few inches and wasn't tight at all. So if you go by her measurements, you can some up a bit short and be fine.

She also calls it a toddler sheet tutorial but there is no way this would ever fit my toddler bed. Not sure if all toddler beds are different sizes. Mine came from Ikea and is almost a foot wider than my crib mattress. Just saying, in case anyone out there was thinking of using this to make sheets, so you aren't disappointed with the outcome.

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charlywally said...

I am so excited you are having a boy so now I can see ton's of cute boys stuff you come up with!!!!