Monday, December 5, 2011

Boy Stuff! No diaper bag needed

Do you know how cute boy stuff is? I have been on a spree as of late and am in love with all the fun fabrics out there. I went to make some blankets cause I will be needing some not pink blankets in the near future and had a hard time choosing. There were too many to pick from. I put a lot back(you can ask my mom) and ended up with these 6.

I am not sure how you guys pack your diaper bags but I find diaper bags completely useless. (Unless of course you have bottles and formula and such) But if you are nursing then there really is no need for a diaper bag.

I use flannel blankets as my all in one. Of course you can't use the teeny tiny receiving blankets you buy in the store. Those barely wrap a doll up. Here's what you do:

Buy a yard of flannel. Serge around the edges. Put in your purse.

Why only a blanket? It serves as a blanket, burp cloth and nursing cover. Because of the material it sticks to you and you don't need one of those fancy nursing covers that you can never really peak in at your baby on anyways even though you have that annoying plastic thing around your neck that makes it impossible to fold. When the baby gets bigger and starts kicking then buy some ribbon and some office clips and clip them to your blanket so that the blanket can't be kicked off you.

Make a bunch and swap them out to wash. 

I think the only other thing you need in your purse is a pacifier? If you use one? And diaper and wipes of course. I always have those in my purse, baby or not since I always have a toddler on hand. But those fit nicely in a purse as well. And yes, I have a small purse. What do you put in your bag for your baby that gets used regularly?


Christina said...

Ummm HELLO! Where have I been? I didn't know you were expecting! and a BOY!!! happy for you!

Misty said...

Cute fabric! I think having a diaper bag all depends on the mom. I had formula for my middle one and I don't like to carry HUGE purses, so the diaper bag came in handy. Especially with an extra blanket and extra change of clothes. Boy=messy. My diaper bag included: extra clothes, blanket, burp cloth, binky, teething tablets, diapers, wipes etc... I was prepared for messes and it saved me numerous times. :-)