Thursday, October 20, 2011

Witch and Warlock Tea Party Part 2- Witch Hats and Tutorial

I found this headband at Target in the dollar section and last year felt like making my own. It was quick and simple and perfect to have extra for a tea party in case someone forgets their hat or looses it on the flight over.



 First: Take some ribbon wide enough to fit over your headband and sew the ribbon together.
           Open up the ribbon and put headband in between the 2 pieces. Then sew up the bottom.

Second: Cut out a circle shape and a hat shape, 2 pieces of felt each. Sew the circles together and the hat top together. Then take an extra piece of ribbon and sew a strip onto the hat top.

Third: Sew the hat top to the circle piece. Lay the hat top flat to the circle making sure it is centered and pin in place, then sew. Once sewn, flip the hat top to the other side and sew again on the other side. This will help the hat to pop up and stay standing up straight.

Fourth: Tack the hat onto the headband. I hand sew it so the seams are hidden.

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