Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Witch and Warlock Tea Party Part 1- Decor

If you're having a witch party the mood has to be set. Kids love walking into a house with lots of decorations and feeling as if they can play the part.

I decorated my whole mantel with fun witch finds. The book is just an old book I have and prop up to look like a spell book. You can always write up and actual spell and place it in the book. Burn the edges. Someday this is my plan. Someday just never seems to come.

I found the glass at a local store for cheap and filled them with colored water. I placed 2 candlesticks behind the book although the verdict is still out n if I like them or not. And I had a plastic cauldron that I have been putting my advent calendar in daily. It is fun to see the bat wings popping up out of it like a real potion.

I also picked up a lot of things from my local thrift stores. These 2 hats were 50 cents and are fun hanging from my curtains rods. The sign above was a deal from Target last year.

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