Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Maternity Shirt

This is something else that was a HUGE hit in my little etsy shop last year. I wore it the year before when I was pregnant and decided to make and sell them last year.

Since there were no orange maternity shirts to be found I had to dye them and then wash and wash to make sure they wouldn't bleed onto anything because no matter what they tell you, it will still bleed a little. And that is no bueno when selling something.

Then I appliqued on a little face and with a cute little or big bump(mine are always HUGE) you are ready to celebrate the season.

I'm not selling this year. I miss it terribly but know that I am having more fun spending time with my kids. Someday I will be back at it again. My kids will only be little for a bit and soon enough will be in school and then I will have more free time than I imagined to sew and sell.

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