Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloweenapalooza! Starting with Costume week!

I LOVE Halloween and get so excited for it every year but this year for some reason I have been extra excited so I decided that I am going to celebrate it everyday this month. (I just hope I have enough posts to last a whole 31 days!)

Some of these will be repeats and some will just be better updated posts since last year my camera was on the fritz the whole month of October so I never got to take any decent pics of all the stuff I made last year.

To get the season started off on the right foot let's start out with a throwback from my college years. I was 18 or 19 in this picture and was going to college for fashion design in So Cal.

This is my all time favorite Halloween costume and I hope to be able to squeeze into it again someday. I made it from my own pattern. The picture on the left is from a boat cruise I went on. Everyone loved my costume so much and wanted me to be in their pictures. Always makes you feel so good to have people appreciate your hard work.

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