Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costume-Garden Gnome

Please don't think Little Red Riding Hood. She wears a cape, not a pointy hat.

 This outfit turned out so cute and would have been even better had I finished everything I wanted to. Like the red pointy shoes and making the suspenders actually stay on her shoulders instead of falling at the sides. And then maybe people would have actually thought garden gnome instead of little red....
 I made the hat in under 2 minutes. I was out of time so I cut from a guestimate and sewed like the wind. It worked out perfect. Maybe someday I will do a tutorial. (another thing I had planned for you)
I made the skirt and love how it turned out but Clover wished she had her big sisters pink cowgirl skirt. She kept stealing it and putting it on and then running away with it around her ankles. I also made the apron. It has a mushroom applique. Super cute if you could actually see it. I based it off another I found on pinterest.(maybe I'll post a link later?) All things I planned on for making this post better but lets face it, I have family in town and am playing with them and having lots of fun.

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