Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Costume-Butterfly

Corduroy had to be a Butterfly this year. This was after Strawberry Shortcake and  million other choices. Luckily she stuck with this one long enough for some trick or treating to be had.
Already in this picture she was tired of the "butterfly" costume and changed it to a "fairy". Meaning no antenna headband but a wand instead.

She had to have the whole outfit purple. I was thinking of making some cute felt wings but got lazy and bought some at JoAnns. I do not recommend this, they broke during her first wearing-super cheap. She had to have a purple skirt that I made. I forgot how much of a pain these skirts are to cut out and tie. But it looks so cute all fluffy. And she had to have a complete purple under outfit. Luckily since it is in her favorite color she will wear it again and again. That is a Halloween costume I don't mind spending money on.

Not sure if it was the broken wings disappointing or what but she wore them twice and has since changed her costume and wears something out of our dress up suitcase. Who knows what she will be on the actual night of Halloween.

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