Saturday, February 12, 2011

SYTYC Week 6 DSLR Camera Bag

DSLR Camera Bag

Wear red all week every week with a sweet red camera bag slung over your shoulder.If I'm gonna support red I want it to be something I have with me all the time.
(Polaroid shown so you get an idea of the size of the bag since I couldn't take a picture of my camera with my camera)

I take my camera with me everywhere I go so that I'm always ready to capture the moment. Since I have it with me all the time I need it to be protected. Why not make a statement at the same time. 

This bag is padded for the accident prone like me. It is made to protect your camera.  It's also made to fit ALL your gear in it. Cause if you're like me, then you have more than just a camera. There is a large pocket in the front and back of the bag and inside the front pocket are a couple little pockets to hold extra memory cards.
Inside the bag are matching bags to hold your lenses. On the outside there are pictures to help you know which lens is inside so you don't have to open and look at all of them to find the right one each time. A fish for my fish eye, a flower for my macro, and a T for telephoto (I know, a boring T, I may have run out of ideas for that one.)

So grab a couple yards of fabric and let's outfit your camera!


SqueekersMcgee said...

I hope you post a tutorial for this! I LOVE it and have been wanting to make a camera bag for myself but haven't found a good pattern yet.

Christina said...

So the reason I KNEW this was your craft was the fish-eye lens...haha! You are the reason I WANT a fish-eye!

AJ said...

Wow!! This is exactly what I need to make. You have a tutorial? I'd love that. Thanks!

Simple. Inspired. Homemade said...

Will you be doing a tut for this? I LOVE IT!! I was going to buy one but it was like $90--not in the budget and now I can pick the fun fabric and do it myself. Thanks so much!!! Good luck on SYTYC

Sarah said...

I LOVE the bag. Will you be posting a tutorial?

Natalie said...

I was wondering if you were going to put a tutorial up for this bag. I think it is super cute and would love to make one for myself!


Stuff by Ash said...

My hubs got me a new camera for Valentine's Day, and the first thing I thought of was, I am going to need a new bag! The one it came with is HUGE, not very cute. Love this. Are you going to do a tutorial or do you have a pattern? Would love to see them if you do! Good luck this week!

Alicia said...

Is there a tutorial for this? I might be getting a nice new camera bag for my birthday, but I wanted to make a more casual looking smaller one for when I just need to fit my camera and one extra lens and this is perfect.