Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing with Kids

My 5 year old got a sewing machine for her birthday. Too early? She has been asking for one for a year now so this year she was given one. She also received a couple really good books for young sewers. I am going to start posting the projects I do with her and how she is learning to sew and what I have learned teaching her.

Most of our sewing is done when #2 falls asleep and we have a little time of our own. That way I can concentrate on just her. (and pulling scraps out of baby's mouth)


Desi said...

I can't wait to find out what projects you come up with to do with her. My daughter is 5 and I've been going back and forth about letting her learn to use the sewing machine. She's always asking, and I still have the ancient one I learned on when I was a kid, so that one day I can teach her on it. Yay, I'm excited!

Foster Mom said...

I just found your blog through "sewing blog stalking" I was wondering what the brand is of the sewing machine, and if she is having an easy time using it. My 5 year old is begging for one so I was thinking about getting her one when she turned 6.

Kelly said...

Is this a regular adult machine? I have yet to find a kids machine with good reviews. Is there a guard so she can't run over her fingers? Right now my 2 year old just pretends to use my extra machine, but I imagine she will need a real one in the future!