Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fabric Stash

For those of you new to the blog, my family moved into a house 6 months ago. We went from a tiny 2 bedroom apartment to a 4ish bedroom house! I say 4ish because 2 of the rooms aren't typical bedrooms. (older house) and one of those has a kitchen in it since it used to be a duplex. Since we weren't about to put kids in a room with a sink, it ended up being my sewing room. And how awesome is a sewing room with a sink! And a wall of cupboards for storage? Sad to say that those filled up fast. I really don't know how all this stuff fit into our apartment but it feels so nice to have it all in one place and be able to pull it out and keep it out if I need to.

So I have been working on organizing my fabric. It took me awhile to figure out what would be best. First, I put them in suitcases, since I have plenty of those lying around.

But then I just had a ton of suitcases in the middle of my room.

So I came up with this:

I used closet organizers to stash all my fabrics. They are in order by color and type of fabric. The boxes on top are full of felt. I have a ton of scraps from past projects. And of course my suitcase that I can't part with.
This is full of Halloween costumes that I have made, like this one:

On the door, I have a shoe organizer for my scraps.
My girls loved helping my put all the fabric in the closet by color. And then hide behind the organizers.
I love that they just slide over to the side so that I can put my bigger pieces of fabric behind them.

I also have my bolts of fabric stashed back there as well.

So part of the room is nice and clean now.

Now on to the smaller things like ribbons, buttons and velcro.


Healing Over said...

I am one of Adam's friends from high school and I have to tell you that I am so impressed by all of your handmade goodness!!! We have been remodeling our old house and my sewing room should be put back together soon. Hopefully I can learn to be as crafty as you! (Also, my cousin Becca is married to Phill)

superh2ogirl said...

Loving your stash area and organization! Love your blog!