Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Little Turkeys Handprint

So I have been a little busy with Halloween. There were a lot of Little Red Riding Hoods running around this year. In between all the red felt I managed to sew up a few other projects. One of my projects has actually been in my shop for a few weeks already.

The Little Turkey Handprint

It can be sewn with your choice of 3 different fabrics. 

And I was selling it in t-shirts up to a 5T as well but when I had to drive to 3 different states just to find the right size shirt for an order a few days ago I took down my shirts.
Onesies:easy to find
white t-shirts:apparently not so much

So if you need you little guy or girls handprint on their Thanksgiving shirt this year, head on over to my shop and order them before it's too late!

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