Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deer Hunting

 I am not a hunter and think the whole concept is crazy. I also know nothing about it except for what I see when I go to stores like Cabella's and Bass Pro Shop. But a baby was born. And when a baby is born so is an idea. And the parents are hunters so I came up with a design.
I have no idea if it is cute or crazy. Funny or sick. Personally I think it is hilarious. But I hate heads stuffed and hung, so in my twisted mind, this is funny.


cadence said...

i really like this one! i don't like real stuffed head s either, but this is very cool and very "in" at the moment... i would totally wear this!

Miranda said...

Oh I am in love with this. And the turkey handprints above? Such a cute twist on a classic craft.