Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CTR Bags

For Valentine's Day this year I made the girls bags to bring to church. I have a HUGE binder I have to bring myself and my arms were getting tired of lugging along their stuff as well as mine. (books, crayons, ect.)

Since I am a lazy sewer, I decided I would buy the bags and then just put a pretty applique on them. CTR stands for Choose The Right. The symbol has been around for ages in our church and the primary class Corduroy is in is CTR5's. She loves reading the letters on her own and knowing what they stand for. So I thought to myself, that is what has to go on her church bag.

I love having less to carry. And with a new baby on the way, I know my bag will be even more full in the near future, so I thought I would empty it out before it got heavier.

The girls love having the responsibility of filling up their own bag with things to entertain them during Sacrament.

In the bags, I put their alphabet letters (here and here)that I had made for them. I love it when I make my girls happy with homemade things!

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