Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Week

I have an itch this week for sewing. I can't stop. Like, I am ignoring all house duties because I can't stop type of week. I was like this last year, same time, when I made a million shoes.

This week I have been sewing my v-day garland, v-day shirts, a birthday shirt, birthday streamers, and now I am working on quilted ABC's. When that is finished I plan to work on some magnets (ABC's among other designs) and Easter bags for the girls.

In between that I have been working on photo books online and packing (more on that later).

So here is the birthday shirt for my little girl who is not so little anymore. OK, she is still little, but she is getting older-soon to be big sister.

Stay tuned for other posts on the other goods!

1 comment:

eight sandy feet said...

I want to see pics of your Valentines garland. I'm trying to figure out how to make mine. I'm thinking some handstitched wool hearts. How did you do yours??