Thursday, January 22, 2009


I bought a pattern to make a pair of shoes for Ady and when I made the shoes they were way too small(even though by the patterns sizes they should have been too big).

Luckily I pulled out my sweet patternmaking skills and whipped out a new pair for her on my own. This pair fit her perfectly(they are the ones with her name on the bottom).

I then decided to make some for Cordy. The first pair I made were a little too big, but the next pair fit just right.

So this morning I decided that I wanted a pair too and since practice makes perfect, my very first try the shoes fit perfectly!

The puffy paint on the bottom is for slip resistance and also to make them last a little bit longer since they are only felt. I actually added another layer to mine to make them a little sturdier. They are so comfy! I also had a little fun taking pictures of them, I took over 100, something about a fish eye lens makes me picture happy.

Cordy's ^ (yes the button is on the same side, thanks for noticing)


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