Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm back (after the holidays)

In between all my traveling and company, (They just left a few days ago.) I have had lots of family time and sewing time. Which is why this blog has been left unattended. But I have lots of treats to post of the things I have been making.

I finished the CPP last night. My card table fort for the girls. Here it is in the process of being sewn together. I was just hoping that I wouldn't screw anything up cause it was not the most fun to sew this huge thing together. But I lucked out and didn't have to take out more than a few stitches. Nothing was sewn on upsidedown. And it actually fit the card table perfectly with no adjustments. I have never had a project go more smoothly! My husband was very happy there was no yelling coming from the kitchen late last night.

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cadence said...

this is so amazing becky! your girls will love it! i vividly remember the christmas morning when my parents took us outside to the garage and revealed an amazing "half" playhouse in one corner... there were walls and windows and all our things set up... we used to spend days in there! and yours is portable!