Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is me in a Rainbow Brite costume I made for Halloween a million years ago. Read on for more awesome old pictures of me back in the day...

In high school the extent of my sewing was cutting up curtains I found at thrift stores and stapling them together. Seriously. I remember asking teachers for staplers all the time because mine had fallen out. Why didn't I use a safety pin? No idea. And I was too impatient to have my mom teach me how to sew for reals. So that was how I rolled.

When I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do until I read the description for fashion design. Why had I not thought of this before! I was already sewing my own designs. So I started out only taking fashion classes and once I got my certificate I went on and got an actual degree in Fashion Design.

One of my projects in school was a "costume" dress. Here are my friend and I modeling the ones we made. I was obsessed with "Emma" dresses at the time and would watch the movie only for the dresses. After this picture was taken, we went to Alberto's, still my favorite place to eat, and took more pictures of us in the photo booth they had inside.

I also started my own line called 7. That's right. I was one of the few in the world that could care less about labels. Those don't matter when all your clothes are throwbacks. So I had no idea that my name was already taken. But it was fun while it lasted. I would iron on little 7's on everything I sewed and sold.

Back then I had a couple local bands wearing my shirts. The bottom picture is me in my sewing area.

And of course I had to take the awesome shot of my friends and I looking oh so cool in our shirts. Wow! I am speechless looking at that picture.

Next, onto my skirt making days. I made soooo many skirts. These are my favorites.

Darn right I'm sexy!

And lastly, my favorite creation is my wedding dress. I don't think I have any pictures that do it justice.


Christina said...

This was an awesome post! I want to see more pictures of your wedding dress. GORGEOUS!

the batts said...

hilarious!!!!! oh man..i am cracking up looking at these for soemreason.

Andrews Family said...

What a sweet post...I loved it! You have skillz!