Friday, August 28, 2009

Fairy Skirts

We got Disneyland passes this year thanks to wonderful grandparents and have been going a lot! Corduroy is always jealous of the other girls wearing their princess dresses there. Since I am too cheap to buy a princess dress for $100 or whatever crazy amount they cost I found some scraps around the house and made some skirts and matching shirts. Of course I thought of this brilliant idea at night so I was up late making them. I grabbed their stained white shirts and covered up the stains with a fairy applique. On the skirts I sewed my grandmas old ruffle trim around the bottom and then added the sheer fabric underneath to make them poof out more girly like. And of course they had to match. Corduroy LOVES matching Ady even though I am not a huge fan. That is just way too cute for me but it makes her happy....

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