Thursday, April 2, 2009

More space issues

With 2 girls in one bedroom and 2 sets of grandparents who love to spoil them with toys, we have another space issue on out hands and there is just no room for their laundry hamper in there anymore. It used to fit under the crib but lately it has been in the middle of the floor. I have been wanting to buy a nice hamper for sometime now. I was browsing through some craft articles and saw a laundry bag someone made to hang on the back of a door. I thought, that is perfect! Less space. And we can even hang it on the bathroom door. So I went to work and made it. It is a little long to hang on the doorknob. I knew that going into it but my girls have lots of clothes, (spoiled) and so I needed a big bag. I think I might buy one of those hanger thingys that fit onto the door that I can hang stuff on. The bags green, of course, so I like it.