Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girl's Room

Here are a few pictures of other things I have done in the girls room.

I made the duvet cover and the fairy pillows. Of course when I gave the pillows to Corduroy she threw them off her bed saying she didn't need that many pillows.

This is how I saved on picture frames

One day Corduroy and I made little birdies I saw in the family fun magazine. We hung them from her ceiling and she loves them. Especially when her window is open and the "fly" around.

Send me pics of your kids room. I love seeing others spaces.


Christina said...

You have soooo many cute ideas! I love this little room. BTW I saw some of my pics on your wall, just out of curiousity how did they print out? Did you have any problems?

Jodi Jean said...

aidan's room is a dumping ground ... you don't want to see it.

but i LOVE their room, maybe you have inspired me?!