Thursday, April 23, 2009


I finally finished painting the dresser in the girls room. This is what it used to look like. Sorry for the color in the picture, it is from a poloroid and those things fade.

I even had a matching duvet cover and headboard that I made.

And then I got married and had to toss my duvet cover and headboard aside because my husband was a foot taller than me and we needed larger everything. And I loved that bed! From then on that dresser that was once so lovely looking was a clasher. And I can't stand things to clash. It clashed in our bedroom with the new duvet cover I made.

And then ended up in the girls room where it clashed some more with the pink. And I can't sleep well at night or sit well during the day when things clash. It took me forever to decide on a color and I finally just gave into black because we already had that color of paint in our house. So I sanded down the drawers(there were about 4 coats of paint on it since I had never sanded it the last time I painted it) and then painted them. And that is how it stayed for about a year. Blue-green dresser with black drawers. So now it was even more hideous than before! UGG! So a few weeks ago I just took that puppy outside and forgot about the sanding and finished the painting. Cause I knew if I waited until I had time to sand and paint it would never get done. And there would be a HUGE mess of clothes in the girls room. Corduroy helped me and painted a whole side all by herself! And it is DONE! And the girls room looks sooo much better. I feel at peace in there now.

So now I just need some cute dresser pulls. Anyone have any ideas? I can't find any I like anywhere.

I will post more pics of the girls room and other stuff I have done in there when it is clean for once.

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Jodi Jean said...


here is a link to some drawer pulls that are RIGHT up your alley ... you're welcome!