Monday, March 23, 2009


Sometimes I get so excited about giving someone a onesie that I forget to take a picture of it. That was the case with this onesie. Luckily for me the little guy wore it to our church Halloween party. Unlucky for me I forgot to bring a camera. But everyone else did and since this guy was sooo cute, he made it to the wall of our church building. So what was I supposed to do at this point? Let that picture taunt me every week, reminding me of the picture I let get away? No way, I snatched that picture up so fast, when no one was looking of course, (except God). I did make sure to check with the mom to make sure she already had a copy. (Actually I just told her I stole it and too bad she didn't get it but she informed me she had already gotten a copy.)

On the back of the picture it reads, "return to georgia". So now my only problem with the picture is, do I keep the picture with the rest of my onesie pictures or do I store this puppy with all my street signs I have collected over the years?


Kylee said...

Love your blog and all your cute cute creations! I adore the mushroom cape t-shirt. So cute! Thanks for filling me in on the rookie cookie-good stuff!

Jodi Jean said...

haha ... becky you CRACK me up. i was literally laughing out LOUD (which is hard for me!)

this one turned out excellent, and i loved the whole outfit! mason is too cute!