Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Expecting Perry the Platypus

My girls have been so excited for their new baby brother. My 6 year old has been waiting for a brother for years and her best friend just welcomed a new brother into her home a few weeks ago which has made the waiting in our house all the harder.

To help with the waiting and to help them feel involved we have been making him presents.

These onesies were made with fabric crayons we bought at JoAnns. The girls just colored on paper and I ironed on their designs.

Corduroy insisted on cutting hers out. I don't recommend this for a couple reason.

1. It makes it really hard to iron on. You don't want the paper to move or the picture will look blurry, so if you have nothing to hold onto then your iron has to carefully stay in one spot. I ended up with spots where the holes in the iron are. I tried to correct it but you can still kind of see them.

2. The pictures had an outline and she cut part of that off so when it was ironed on it looked like I missed part of the picture.

 Ady drew a picture of me so the baby would know what I look like. How thoughtful?

 Corduroy also wanted to write the names of what she drew underneath.When she first wrote it out she realized right away that the name would be backwards so she chucked her papers and whipped out the words written perfectly backwards without any help or thought. It was pretty impressive for a Kindergartner.

And because Ady thinks this baby is going to be named Perry the Platypus we had to have a Perry onesie for him.In hopes of her not getting to attached to the name we have talked with her about it and a couple days ago she said that could be his middle name.

If this baby decides to come when the others did I will be in the hospital today. Hopefully that's the case!

And for another variation of this check out Delia's onesies she made with her boys. They are adorable. More work but so worth it I think. If I hadn't already made these I think I would have gone the freezer paper route. The colors are richer and more artistic looking.

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Trish said...

I can't take the cuteness! I love them all! Good Job Girls!