Monday, February 27, 2012

Super Hero Dolls

I wanted a boy doll so I took my black apple doll pattern and made the girl into a boy.

I added tights, speedo, boots, a mask, gloves, and a cape.
And since I have 3 other friends all due within a month of me I made some extra.
I only knew the name of one so I personalized it for her. I left mine blank to personalize it later.


katie said...

i love these. i totally need to make one for cody!

Mhairi said...

These are awesome. I found a lovely pattern here:
Down the very bottom is a lovely pattern for Kinder boys and then above that is a pattern for the clothes. These patterns are super easy to follow and the blog is pretty funny too.
I love your idea of making super boys. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and creations on your blog.

Trish said...

Brody's Birthday is in April!!! ;-)