Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fixing holes

If you live in the cold and have a daughter who only wears skirts then I am going to guess that this post will benefit you.

Leggings are a must under skirts out here in the winter and even with a pair to wear every day of the week my 6 year old still managed to wear a hole through a couple of them. So I got to work on repairing them. It took all of 5 minutes for both pair.

I cut out a piece of fabric to cover the hole in the knee. Ironed it on with my favorite fusible webbing (making sure to put paper in between the 2 pieces of fabric so they didn't stick together where the hole was, and I was done!

 Yeah, I could have stitched around them for durability and cuteness but I have been feeling lazy lately.
 They have been through a few wears and washes and are holding on just fine. That is why you buy the good stuff.
 They are now her favorite pairs to wear!

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