Thursday, January 19, 2012

Owl Pillows

I got back in the sewing groove long enough to make these cute pillows and one more quick fun project I'll post later in the week. This is something I have been wanting to make forever but was always on the back of the list. I finally just sat down one day and started.

 I had my 3 year old help pick out fabrics and we got everything cut out. Not an easy task with a 20 month old helping you pin everything down.
 The one below is what my 3 year old picked out all on her own for herself.
 3 owl pillows for my 3 girls who are now all sleeping in the same room.
If you want to make your own there are a few tutorials online like this one here. And have you seen the owls from gingercake? They are so stinkin adorable! Check them out. You can buy her pattern here. I looked at them all and then decided I liked different parts of different owls. I looked on pinterest because there are a million and one pictures on there and then just drew out a shape and cut.


eight muddy feet said...

Love the owls, super cute Becky!!

Gingercake said...

adorable. i love the shape of yours :) The colors are so bright and fun too! Thanks for the link!

Misty said...

You made some! How fun. I've come up with my own pattern from the zillion patterns out there. They are fun to make as gifts, too. Thanks to Harry Potter for starting the OWL craze years ago..we have always loved owls and the world has finally caught on to how cute they are. Kaytlyn is having a craft party and it is "owl" themed. Cute!