Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Super Saturday

This weekend is going to be a craft day at my church. Some like to call it Super Saturday. I am in charge and am really excited but have never actually been to one so we shall see how it goes. My ward out here is kinda small but I managed to round up helpers to make things.

Here is a preview of the crafts we will be making.

Click HERE for the link to this project's toutorial. We decided to make ours a little bigger but it still ended up only costing $2.50 each. And we decided to offer all the temples from this site along with a few different sayings and ribbons so they could really be personalized.

This is my favorite. I found this garland on pinterest, It is for sale overseas. I just made my own. These came to $2.60 each for a 6 foot garland!

We are also making a quiet book from some of these cute pages. You can buy them HERE. I bought 5 activities. $1 each activity and then you print them yourself. They are already colored so all we have to do is laminate and stick magnets on them.

This is another image I found online and copied. I found a dollar store frame I spray painted and then chose a white cotton background and some printed cotton fabrics for the nativity scene. We will just be using fusible webbing to iron it on. I will probably take mine home and sew around it but you don't have to. This ended up being $2.50 to make.

We are also making this apron:

To put in this jar:

I also have a friend who is making really cute cards and tags for us to stamp and make.

It's gonna be a lot of fun. Lunch after and lots of chatting with friends! I'll post pictures of the after next week.

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Trish said...

Those are really cute Becky! I want to do every single one...and I'm not crafty! Good Luck! And Have Fun!