Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fort Kit

I saw these a few months back and knew what was going in my kids Easter basket immediately! I was so excited to make them the only reason they didn't get handed out early was because I didn't get them finished until the night before.

These were so easy to make and really inexpensive if you can find killer deals on sheets. I am usually a little weary about buying sheets at thrift stores cause the thought of used sheets just eeks me out. It's like buying used undies. Yuck! But I did find some sheets that were used as curtains, and they looked brand new so I was OK with them. I also had some sheets that I had bought from Ikea for $2 that were so thin and cheap that we didn't end up using them. Perfect for forts!

I added some bias tape that was a garage sale find to the corners and middles. See the tutorial here for directions.

Next up I made a little "stake bag" to put all the extras in it.

I added a flashlight, rope, clothespins and suction cups to the little bag.

For the main bag I found pillowcases at the $1 store. I cut square notches out of the bottom of the pillowcases in both corners and sewed the up to make them more like bags instead of being flat. Does that make sense? I meant to take a picture but didn't.

And since I can't seem to leave anything plain, I used matching fabric and appliqued a tent sign onto the front of the bags.

Then I shoved everything inside. The girls loved them and used them for a week straight. And it took a little bit of coaxing but they soon realized if they put their materials together they could make their fort a lot bigger.

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Christina said...

I am going to use this for birthday gifts! What a cute idea. I love it!