Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Kitchen Re-do

So our house is a HUGE work in progress! I see my other friends blogs who moved when I did and they seem to have done so much more than us and I am so impressed! I can't seem to find the time and my husband can't find the energy. One thing we have done is paint the kitchen.

I wanted to paint the cupboards cause I hate the oak color, but it is a huge project and we don't plan on staying here forever, and since some people actually like oak, we decided to keep them the same. I do want to switch out the drawer pulls but they are 2.5 inches and that is just IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere!


Notice the ugly white pantry doors? I left them off. 

This is the only picture I have managed to take of the kitchen so far. But I haven't hung any pictures up yet. It is just painted, not decorated. I am still working on painting the frames. And someday, this will be where our fridge goes so this isn't even how it will look in the end. But I kinda like it how it is...

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eight muddy feet said...

love the idea of taking the doors off, and the green paint..can't wait to see more!!