Monday, February 21, 2011

SYTYC Week 7 DIY Wallpaper and tutorial

So I got the boot this week. I guess that's what I get for not choosing something super trendy and different. Since mine was the one thing that wasn't just like the others. Oh well, I love it! I have been out of town all week, along with my family so when I was able to get to a computer to actually vote I was only a couple votes behind. Then, in less than a half hour I was suddenly 30 votes behind. Too bad the voting poll isn't hidden. But I had already don't week 8's challenge so stay tuned for that. It is truly one of my favorite things I have ever made so far. It was finished before the competition even started and I have been trying so hard to make it to week 8 just to be able to put it up there. Kinda funny!

Below is my original post along with the tutorial.

DIY Wallpaper

My walls are barren at this point in my life. We are in a new house and haven't decided on paint color, let alone wall art. So before I am able to hang anything up I needed to cover the walls. And since my husband and I can't decide on a paint color, I just took the initiative to cover the walls in fabric.

This project was simple and took about as long as it would to actually paint your walls. I decided on the design I wanted on my walls and then went about cutting out my own design and put it up.

And I definitely learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way to share with you.

My dining room is totally barren. We don't even have a real table yet, just a fold up one. Soon enough it will be put together and look ama-za-aing!


Damp washcloth
Credit Card

Step 1:
Pick your pattern and cut it out. (I cut out a million black houndstooth pieces. )

Step 2:
Lay towel on floor where you plan on spraying so that your floor doesn't get all starchy.

Step 3:
Spray wall with starch.

Step 4:
Stick fabric on wall and spray with starch again till it is all wet.

Step 5:
Smooth out fabric with credit card so there are no air bubbles. Use damp towel to soak up excess drips on wall.

Step 6:


If you mess up, just peal fabric off wall and do it over. It is super easy to remove!
If you are sensitive to smells, maybe wait till warmer weather when you can open the windows to air out the smell of the starch.
I am not sure about how it effects the wall underneath since I haven't had this up for very long. I hear that is doesn't do anything to it but I wasn't about to put something up on new paint until I had tried it in a room that is in desperate need of paint. I will let you know after awhile if it did anything to the walls.
I know there are more tips I learned along the way and when I remember them I will put them up here.

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Athena said...

I was super interested in this I remember seeing fabric covered walls years ago but it has been nearly a decade. I was curious if you know once the fabric is up and dry, is it easy to remove and will it ruin the walls underneath? I totally voted for this unfortunate that you didn't win.