Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks, soooo, what is it?

Just what you want to hear when giving someone something you made right?

I guess the dishtowel was a little fancy with all the ruffles on it. Definitely not practical. But who wants practical for Christmas right? It should be something fun and whimsical. I tried but it didn't work to my advantage when my brother told me that my sister in law said thanks but wants to know what it is. Ha! Then we spent about 3 minutes on the phone while all 3 of us when back and forth while I tried to explain dishtowel to them. Trying to have a male interpret this in Spanish isn't the best way to explain things. Finally there was a big, "OHHHH!" after I said just hang it on the oven door.
 Note to self: Leave ruffles off of dishtowels. Not sure how they are gonna dry their hands on them anyways...

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Michael said...

Hey, that was me! We couldn't figure it out. It is nice though once we did and hung it up correctly.