Monday, January 31, 2011

SYTYC Week 4

WOW!  Thanks for all the votes this last week. I am overwhelmed by everyone who loved the jammies. Every week I am worried about the outcome so it was exciting to see all the votes coming in. These were so fun to make and my daughter in the pink jammies LOVED hers. She wore them 4 days in a row. I would change her and she kept finding them and putting them back on until I finally got them to the laundry room. 

Here are some more pictures from the photo shoot that I couldn't show:
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A little excited!

Making a rug angel

Below is the original post. A tutorial will be up sometime next week.

Knit Jammies

To put it lightly, I'm kinda obsessed with sweaters. And when I see cute ones in thrift stores I can't pass up on buying them. Even if they don't fit right. All the sweaters below came to under $5 total.

 But what do you do with sweaters that you are never going to wear because they look horrible on you but could be oh so cute? Up cycle them into jammies for your little ones! And with the leftover fabric you up cycle that even more into hats, mittens, booties, ect.

So for under $5 and in under an hour I now have 3 new pairs of warm winter jammies with matching hats and mittens. So simple anyone can make these. And so cute I don't mind letting them stay in them all day and possibly running a few errands in them. (We are going on day 3 in a row of wearing the pink ones.) 


Christina said...

So PLEASE teach us how to make these! I love it! Congrats on the win!!! I am so into watching SYTYC it is so exciting and I am LOVING all the neat projects.

Cole's Corner said...

What a great upcycle!

If I wasn't in the competition with you... I would have voted for yours. :)

so cute!