Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project Runway Week 7 Resort Wear

If you are following closely then you might have noticed that I skipped a week. Week 6 was remaking a bridesmaid dress. I planned on getting one of those over the top poofy dresses that most people LOVE dressing little girls up in. Like an Easter type dress. I am not a fan. And surprisingly I couldn't find one at the thrift stores out here. So, if I ever do come across one, I will go back and do week 6.

Until then, week 7 was to design some resort wear.
I give you the "home is where the dress is" dress (cause there are little tiny houses on the dress)
Vacations are all about relaxing.

(she is about a foot off the ground in this picture)
No zippers or buttons here. This outfit can be dressed up or down but it is easy to put on.

(this is her, just had a red popsicle face)
Tired of helping your little girl get dressed?

The front is exactly like the back. She can put it on herself and will never get it wrong. Vacation for you!
these designs are my designs and are copyrighted. do not steal. thanks.

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Trish said...

Once Again-Brilliantly Beautiful!!! I want to get skype tomorrow and see all your faces! I miss them!