Monday, September 27, 2010

Littler Red Riding Hood

Life has been busy over here. Basically I am a single mom. When husband is home, he is busy doing stuff for work or trying to catch up with sleep. Or, like this last weekend, cleaning up a HUGE mess in our basement. (you don't even want to know what he was cleaning up. It was and still is nasty) And I was busy killing dozens and dozens of flies in our house. Since we have moved in we have had lots of fun creatures around. A bat, wasps, flies and right now we are pretty sure a squirrel in our wall.

So, I know I have said I would do project runway every week, and I also promised before and after pictures of our house. I also just re-opened up my etsy shop and guess what? I am selling stuff! I have drawings all over the house that I jot down during the day waiting for the kids to get in bed so I can get to work. And then when they finally fall asleep, and I finish up my orders, I am just to tired to start anything new.

So for now, I will do what I can. Cause being a mom comes first. And I am a horrible one when I don't get any sleep. But I have been working on stuff. And it will eventually make it to this blog.

This was not meant to be long and boring. It was meant to show you my cute baby in her new costume. So here she is:

It's a lot of pictures but she is just too stinkin cute to pick just one or two of her.


Trish said...

I'll take one w/ the cute baby!

eight sandy feet said...

You're right she is just too stinkin' cute..Love the dress and the hood, adorable!!