Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Runway Week 1

Welcome to Project Runway kid style!

Since Corduroy has been into crafts lately I thought she might have fun watching the show with me. I figured out that I can actually watch it online! So excited since I have never seen the show.

The first week of the show they had to take a piece of clothing from someone else and use it in their design. So I decided that we would do the same. I was given a bunch of old shirts and I took one of those to use for the project. Clothing from someone else.

Cordy was not as excited as I was but she still stayed in the room the whole time and helped me cut a little.

I have a bad habit of jumping into a project without thinking about the whole of it. So when I tried the top on Cordy after making it smaller, we realized it wouldn't fit over her head. So I went about fixing that problem. While I was doing that, Corduroy decided that she would make me a pattern, to help me out so it would fit. And voile! As soon as the pattern was done and handed to me, the dress was also fixed and fit over her head. Yeah for having a pattern!

After putting in a zipper I found in my mess of a room, and finishing the sleeves, the dress was ready!

We headed outside to model it.

Maybe next time we'll do it runway style.

I have a new camera assistant. She actually makes things a little tougher on me since I am now a one handed photographer. But she is way too cute to fire, so I think I'll keep her on a little longer.

The dress was a success and I think we made it to week 2.

I hope to follow up each week's episode with something that goes with their challenge. If you want to join in let me know. We can post everybody's projects online. Wouldn't that be fun?


Christina said...

That is so cool. I just saw a blog that does this kind of stuff where she makes an outfit a day for the whole year for a dollar. SO COOL! I am excited what you come up with. I need to get into sewing again.

Trish said...

you guys are so freakin cute and talented! I love it! And Clover looks so big!

Jodi Jean said...

CUTE!!! love it becky. katie was telling me you were doig projects along with the show so i had to check it out (you know me, i'm horrible at blogging!) LOVE it. maybe i should play along ...

and i agree with trish, clover has grown so much!!