Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally some curtains!

I am just now putting curtains on the window in the bathroom upstairs. First I didn't have time. But I couldn't handle the ugly turquoise ones that were there. Plus they got taken down for the painting and I wasn't about to take the time to put them back up. Cause they were ugly. Remember?

So I draped a large piece of fabric on the window. Of course it kept falling down. Not a good thing in a bathroom.

Once I had time to make curtains, I just couldn't find any fabric I liked. Then I found some small pieces of this yellow fabric I had in my stash and declared, "This is it!"

Of course I didn't have enough of the fabric. So I got my 3 kids buckled into the car and headed to JoAnns.

Dear JoAnns,
What is the point of having you only 2 miles away when you have nothing I want? I guess I can use you for thread and the basics, but I really have issues paying full price for fabric online. And then there is the shipping. I really hate paying shipping. Why can't you just have the normal fabric that all the other Joanns has?
You already make it terribly hard for me to like you. I have tried to boycott you many times but have found that you ran all the other fabric stores out of town so I have no other choice.

not a fan,

So this is my makeshift curtain from fabric laying around the house. I love it, but then I love yellow right? It makes the room look so cheery. I didn't even have enough to cover the whole window but it looks like I meant to do that right?

I know the pictures are dark. For some reason my flash didn't want to work. And I was tired of waiting for the sun to come out to get a good shot. I am an impatient photographer.

Enough rambling for tonight. Wait until you see what I made for the downstairs bathroom. I think it is my all time favorite!

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