Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girly Bags

While my cute mom and niece were visiting me last week I thought it would be fun to have a girls night out while Adam was at work. Corduroy is a super girly girl and thought she would love having a nail painting party. So I went to the store and had Corduroy and Ady help me pick out nail polish colors. Corduroy went straight for the pink while Ady fell in love the the yellow and green. I love how different they are.

I snuck a few extra treats into the shopping cart to surprise them. Corduroy asks me if she can wear lipstick almost everyday. I don't know where she gets this. I don't even wear lip balm anymore(even though I really should).

I was itching to start sewing again so I whipped up these little bags to put their things in.

Did this picture turn out way 80's or what?

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