Friday, April 2, 2010

More dolls

These Black Apple dolls were so cute I had to make more.

The only variation on this pattern that I made was the way I stuffed it. It says to stuff it through the head and then handstitch it closed. I kept the bottom open and then machinestitched it closed along the bottom of the dress across the legs. Easier and faster than handstitching. And a little more secure for the baby to play with.

Still no face and it is driving corduroy CRAZY!


cadence said...

these dolls are very similar in shape to what we make at my work.... yours are way cuter though... your fabric choices are more my style :) we've always had the taste... i want to see a picture of your belly before it pops!

Likely said...

love these too, you are such a fun crafter! y/ou have a great stash of fabrics too. My my, we do need to be friends.