Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bird Skirt

This is a project I have been wanting to do for awhile. I finally got everything out and had Corduroy help me. My machine can be used without a foot pedal. You just hit a button and it starts sewing. Corduroy was able to do most of the sewing this way. She is getting pretty good at sewing. She can almost do most of the threading on her own as well. And she loves speeding up the speed of the sewing to where it is out of control and I have to yell at her to slow it down. Good times. I may be adding skirts to my line soon. What do you think? Any takers?
Never mind Ady's Skirt. It is a little too long but I made it when she was asleep so I think I did a pretty good job at guessing. I knew if I didn't make it while she was asleep it would never get done.


Christina said...

Super cute! I sure do think you need to add them to your line!

the batts said...

everything on here is ADORABLE!

Jodi Jean said...

excellent! i love 'em! i can totally see them with a shirt appliqued with the same fabric!